From Coast to Desert: A 14-Day Private Tour of Morocco's Diverse Landscapes


If you are looking for the best tour experience in Morocco, then a private Majestic Tour of Morocco is the perfect choice for you. This tour will take you to some of the most beautiful places in Morocco and give you an insight into its culture and history. You will get to explore ancient cities, visit historical sites, enjoy traditional food and music, and experience the beauty of Morocco's landscapes. With a private guide by your side, this journey will be both educational and exciting. So book your private Majestic Tour of Morocco today for an unforgettable experience!
Day 1 : Casablanca

Meet and greet at the Casablanca Mohammed Airport. Then transfer to your hotel in the city. If time allows, depending on your time of arrival,
 we head into the city to visit the most visited sight of Casablanca
 Hassan II mosque and walk along the Corniche Boulevard, Atlantic
 Boardwalk lined by many restaurants and cafes. Here you can enjoy
dinner  even at Rick's cafe known from the movie Casablanca.

Day 2 : From Casablanca - Rabat - Chefchaouen

journey starts with a pick-up by our driver from your Casablanca hotel.
You will then be transferred to Rabat, which is approximately an hour
away. Upon arrival, you will have some time to explore the city which is
the present-day capital of Morocco, having been founded in the 10th
century by the Phoenicians and later occupied by the Romans. During the
visit, you will have the chance to see the Chellah Necropolis, which is
home to ancient ruins left behind by previous civilizations.

we will proceed to the Hassan Tower, an unfinished minaret of the great
Hassan Mosque that was constructed by the Almohad Yacoub El Mansour. We
will also visit the Mausoleum of Mohammmed V and Hassan II, which is
located adjacent to the tower. This is the resting place of the two
famous Moroccan kings.

exploration of Rabat would not be complete without a stroll through the
Kasbah of the Ouidais, which was once a fortress that later became a
city in its own right and was later used as a hideout by pirates.
Afterward, we will take a direct transfer to Chefchaouen, where you can
continue your Moroccan adventure.

Day 3 : Visit Chefchaouen

Our next stop is the charming town of Chefchaouen, which is known for its
unique pale blue and whitewashed buildings, as well as its winding
alleyways. The town has strong Andalusian connections and is
historically significant as it was a safe haven for many Jews and Moors
who fled during the Spanish Inquisition.

During our visit to Chefchaouen, we will embark on a short hike to the ruin of the "Spanish" mosque, which offers a fantastic panoramic view of the
town. We will also visit Ras el-Ma, which is where the city's fresh
water springs from the mountain. You will have the opportunity to stroll
through the wonderfully restored kasbah and gardens.

The majority of the day will be at your leisure, so you can explore the
medina and its shops selling handicrafts or relax in one of the many
outdoor cafés. This is a great opportunity to soak up the local culture
and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of this beautiful town.

Day 4 : From Chefchaouen - Volubis - Meknes - Fes

breakfast, we will head towards the ancient Roman outpost of Volubilis,
where you will be able to marvel at the remarkably well-preserved
structures and mosaics. During the Roman occupation, Volubilis was home
to almost 20,000 people, and many of its structures have stood the test
of time.

Following our visit to Volubilis, we will take a short trip to Meknes. This city
was the first capital of the Alouite Dynasty under the brutal rule of
Moulay Idriss I. Spend some time exploring the charming and
quintessentially Moroccan city of Meknes before continuing your journey to Fes, where you will spend the night. 

Day 5 : Visit Fez

Get ready to explore one of the most captivating and historically rich
cities in Morocco with a full-day guided tour of Fez. Your tour guide
will meet you at your hotel to begin the day's activities.

We will begin by visiting the impressive Royal Palace, where you will be
able to marvel at the stunning golden gates and intricate tilework. We
will then head to the ancient Medina of Fez, where you will be
transported back in time to experience the traditional way of life that
has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

Our next stop is the famous Bou Inania Madrasa, which is one of the most
spectacular examples of Islamic architecture in the city. Here, you will
see intricate carvings and mosaics that are truly breathtaking. We will
then visit the Tanneries, where you can witness the traditional process
of leather-making that has been used for generations.

After a break for lunch, we will visit the Al Quaraouiyine Mosque, which is
the oldest university in the world and an architectural marvel. You will
also have the chance to explore the surrounding neighborhoods,
including the Jewish Quarter, where you can discover the rich history
and culture of the Jewish community in Fez.

Our final stop is the scenic hilltop viewpoint, where you can take in
breathtaking panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscape. This
is a perfect way to end the day, with stunning views that are sure to
leave a lasting impression.

With its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, a guided tour of Fez is an unforgettable experience that you won't want to miss.

Day 6 : From Fez - Ifrane - Azrou - Midelt - Merzouga and Erg Chebbi desert dunes

ready for an early morning departure from the bustling streets of Fez
and a journey into the serene and picturesque Middle Atlas Mountains.
Our first stop is Ifrane, also known as the "city of flowers," which
boasts top-class ski resorts and stunning scenery.

As we continue our journey, we'll pass through the cedar-forested hills of
Azrou, which are home to an array of wildlife, including the famous
Barbary macaque monkeys. If you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of
these playful primates as they go about their daily lives. The area is
also a haven for birdlife, making it a nature lover's paradise.

After passing through the city of Midelt, we'll make our way down into the breathtaking Ziz Valley, which has been carved out over millions of
years by the Ziz river. The valley offers fertile agricultural land and
stunning views of the surrounding gorges. We'll continue our journey,
passing the garrison town of Erfourd and onto Rissani, where we'll catch
our first glimpse of the towering sand dunes of Merzouga, Erg Chebbi.

We'll spend the night in a hotel right on the outskirts of the dunes,
offering a perfect vantage point to take in the stunning desert
landscape. This is an unforgettable experience that will immerse you in
the breathtaking natural beauty of Morocco.

Day 7 : From Merzouga and sea of desert Erg Chebbi

Prepare to be awed by the stunning Erg Chebbi, one of the most
photographed locations in the world. And when you see it for yourself,
you'll know exactly why. A truly unforgettable experience is taking a
camel ride across the dunes as the sun sets, marveling at the breathtaking desert landscape. Spend the night in either a traditional
desert camp, under the starry night sky, or in a comfortable hotel
nearby. Either way, you'll wake up to the magical and surreal
surroundings of the Sahara desert. 

Day 8 : From Merzouga - Todra Gorge - Dades Valley

Departing desert we set into village of Tinghir and to the nearby Todra
 Gorge. This gorge in the High Atlas present asthonishing spectacle, its
 gigantic rock walls change colors to magical effect as the day
 unfolds. The 300 meters tall cliff walls are mere 15 meters apart from
 each other.  We have some time to stretch our legs and then continue to
 another gorge of Dades. We will travel along small villages painted in
 pink-grey colors merging into the local rock, ruins of kasbahs and
 ksours and parts of fertile shafts of land creating breathtaking
 contrast to the arid land.  Later we continue the journey to Dades
 Valley. (B,D)

Day 9 : From Dades Valley - Skoura Oasis - Ouarzazate - Ait Ben Haddou - Marrakech

Our day begins with a breathtaking view of the stunning Dades Gorge,
 where we marvel at the high cliffs of limestone and unique rock
 formations. We then embark on the road of Thousand Kasbah, taking in
the  beauty of Rose Valley, which is especially enchanting from April to
 May, and the Skoura Oasis, until we reach the historic city of
 Ouarzazate. A short distance from Ouarzazate, we pause to visit the
 remarkable Ait Ben haddou, the oldest and finest example of a fortified
 city. As we journey onwards, we cross the High Atlas Mountains, and
the  stunning drive offers spectacular views all the way to Marrakech

Day 10 : Visit Marrakech

Our expert guide will greet you at the lobby of your Marrakech riad and
 lead you on a full-day guided tour of the renowned Medina. You'll
 explore the rich history of the city, visit fascinating historical
 landmarks, and delve into the world-famous markets to experience the
 vibrant and bustling atmosphere firsthand. With our knowledgeable guide
 by your side, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the culture and
 traditions that make Marrakech such a unique and enchanting

Day 11 : Stay in Marrakech

Take advantage of a free day in Marrakech to unwind and explore the city at your own pace. If you're looking to relax, consider booking a visit
 to a traditional hammam spa for a rejuvenating Moroccan scrubbing
 experience. Alternatively, you could take a cooking class to learn how
 to make some of Morocco's famous dishes, or simply wander through the
 bustling souks for a unique shopping experience. The day is yours to
 enjoy as you please.

Day 12 : From Marrakech to Essaouira

Upon arrival in Essaouira, you will have the opportunity to explore the
charming and relaxed atmosphere of this coastal town. Start by wandering
through the picturesque alleys of the UNESCO-listed medina, which is
lined with whitewashed houses and blue-painted doors and windows. Take
in the sights and smells of the bustling fish market, where you can
watch local fishermen bring in their daily catch.

Next, walk along the impressive ramparts and fortifications, which were built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and later expanded by the French.
From here, you can enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the
picturesque port.

If you're looking to relax, head to Essaouira's beautiful sandy beach,
which is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and even windsurfing.
Alternatively, explore the town's thriving arts scene, with its many
galleries and artisan shops selling everything from jewelry to

Day 13 : Stay in Essaouira

We highly recommend taking advantage of your free day to explore
 Essaouira on your own. Take a leisurely stroll through the old town and
 explore the ancient houses, or wander along the walkways in the
medina,  including Squal Du Port, which shields the old port bustling
with the  day's fresh catches early in the morning. Don't miss the
opportunity to  take a relaxing stroll on the beach and boardwalk as

Day 14 : Essaouira- Casablanca

Transfer to the airport in Casablanca

What's included?
  • Pick-up/drop-off from the Casablanca Airport
  • Private transfer by comfortable air conditioned vehicle
  • Pick up & Drop off at your accommodations
  • English speaking driver during the tour of 14 days.
  • Fes city tour with official guide « Full Day »
  • Visit Ait Benhaddou Kasbah with Guide
  • Visit Studio of Cinema in Ouarzazate
  • 7 Nights at the hotels (4 Stars) with dinners and breakfasts
  • 1 Night in nomad desert camp at Erg Cheebi with « Private tent »
  • Private bathroom in your tent (hot shower & toilet)
  • Breakfasts and dinners during your tour (Vegetarians are accommodated)
  • Fee for all the entrances to the monuments during your tour
  • Entertainment with the locals
  • Camel Trekking with sunset and sunrise

Free time to explore the sites such as Ait Benhaddou,  Kasbah, Walks, Canyons, Breaks for photos, Etc



Dinners in : Fez,Rabat,Chefchaouen,Marrakech,Essaouira and Casablanca

Cancellation policy

We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before the event