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How do you get to Morocco?

Morocco has many International Airports:

  • Mohamed V Casablanca (CMN) 
  • Menara Airport in Marrakech (RAK) 
  • Agadir (AGA) 
  • Tangier (TNG) 
  • Flying into another airport in Morocco? Just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you!
What currency is used?

The currency of Morocco is Dirham (MAD). You'll have to get Dirhams at
an ATM at the airport, or somewhere in the country, as Dirhams are not
traded internationally. The easiest way for you to get Dirham is through
ATM machines while touring Morocco, a common fixture anywhere in the
country. Euros are also widely accepted in Morocco as payment, but the
remaining change might be return to you in Dirhams. 

Do I need a Visa?

United States, European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Citizens do not need a visa to enter Morocco if you stay less than three
months. Once you land in Morocco, you'll be required to fill out a
landing card with an address of residence during your stay in Morocco
which is normal. 

How should I dress?
  • Morocco is much more western in dress than ever before. Although
    it is still a dominantly islamic country, it's best to cover yourself
    outside the large city centers.  The locals here are truly used to
    seeing tourists, and you'll never feel uncomfortable or out of place.
     They're glad you're here. 
  • In the hot summer months we'd suggest you to wear light, loose, cotton or linen to stay as cool as possible.
  • A hat or turban is a must in the sun to protect your head against the heat and sun. You look cool, we promise. 
  • In
    autumn and spring a light jacket or fleece is recommended; the evenings
    can be quite cool when the sun goes down! In winter, warm clothing is a
Do I need to tip?

People do tip in Morocco, about 10-15% on your bill. Please do not tip
children, as they work hard as a culture to not promote begging. 

What's the weather like in Morocco? 
  • They say the best time to visit Morocco is from March to May,
    and then again in September and October. The winter months in January
    and February can be quite cold anywhere, but there are fewer
    tourists! he weather is so diverse, because of the diversity of the
  • The annual average temperatures are below: 
Tell me more about the culture. Anything I should know? 
  • Morocco is one of the most liberal Islamic countries.
  • The main restriction a tourist will encounter is banned entry into the mosques if you are not a Muslim. 
  • During
    the month of Ramadan, when the believers fast each day until sunset,
    you will have a few more challenges visiting during this time as things
    will be closed 
  • In Islamic countries it is forbidden to drink
    alcohol. As Morocco is a favorite tourist destination, restrictions have
    been relaxed and alcohol is served in many bars, hotels and
What is the food like? Will I get sick? 
  • Morocco is famous for its cuisine, it's described as a
    sweeter, Mediterranean food full of fresh ingredients.  You'll enjoy
    wonderful dishes like tagine and couscous, but will take you to the best
    places to eat in the country.
  • If you are are following special
    diet restriction, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, nut
    allergy, just let us know! We'll accommodate you. 

Any other question? Just email us!